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Skyblivion: Oblivion in Skyrim is One of the Best Mods We’ve Seen

It’s funny when we hear that sometimes modders do a better job than the developer companies do. Especially with Bethesda titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4, the number of mods exceeds all expectations. Skyblivion, which is a community project bringing Oblivion into Skyrim, has now received a new trailer and we’re jumping on the hype train.

Taking a look at the trailer, you might feel like this is entirely different from Skyrim and with good reason. Oblivion was darker, deeper and bloodier. Skyblivion tries to bring all that atmosphere into Skyrim and from what we’ve seen from the trailer, it’s coming to be the next big thing in the modding community.

The development of Skyblivion goes back to 2012. Back then, the lead developer of the mod, Zilav created the first version, a first demo of what was to come. In the span of 3 years, the developers working on the project added in numbers and Skyblivion started taking shape. Thankfully, the Skyrim modding community is a wonderful place and Oblivion-in-Skyrim found backing from more and more people from all different kinds of fields along the way.


As the mod’s official website states, upon release, it will include all big and small DLC that have been released for Oblivion. Additionally, it will include custom content courtesy of the Skyblivion DEV team. However, you’ll have to own a copy of Oblivion in order to be able to access the mod.

As a result, all original quests, along with new ones will be present. However, all textures, models and animations will be brand new as the team strives to reach a 4K resolution.

Release date

As of right now, there is no final release date for Skyblivion. The team is dedicated into bringing it out as soon as possible but it falls to the help of the community to make it happen. Make sure to stay tuned to Arcade Grid for more news.



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