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No Man’s Sky Guide – How to Tame and Ride Animals

No Man’s Sky Beyond is finally out and, if you’ve been keeping up with the game, you already know that there’s a ton of new stuff. Apart from the VR portion of No Man’s Sky, the multiplayer overhaul and the new mechanics, there are a new things you can try and make your interstellar journey more interesting. Did you know that now you can tame and ride animals? Follow our No Man’s sky guide below to find out how to make it happen.

There’s no easy way to go with this No Man’s Sky guide, unless you already have some progress done from the previous expansion. To be able to tame an animal, you’ll need to find out what bait it likes and tame it like you’d do in any video game. The steps though are a bit tricky.

Get Blueprints

To be able to create bait, you’ll need to create a Nutrient Processor. The first step into creating it is getting Blueprints from vendors. You might already have some of you but if you don’t fear not. You’ll need Salvaged Data from Buried Technology Modules, which are obtainable from pretty much all planets.

After you have at least 10 of them, go to the nearest vendor and buy the much needed blueprints. He, or it, can be found on the Anomaly, which is much easier to find in the latest “expansion”.

Build the Nutrient Processor

Here comes the fun stuff, building the Nutrient Processor itself. To do that, you’ll need 2 Metal Plating, 1 Hermetic Seal and 25 Sodium. In total, you’ll need 100 Ferrite Dust, 30 Condensed Carbon and 25 Sodium to complete the task. When you do have them, go to the Construction menu and build the Processor.

Bait Scouting

In No Man’s Sky Beyond, scanning animals now have some new information. The most important one and the one that matters the most for this No Man’s Sky guide is the Bait tab. Here you can see what bait this specific animal likes and you’ll take advantage of that in order to tame it. After you know what bait you need to make, go to the Nutrient Processor and build it. In fact, you’ll need some more materials to make it happen. Mordite and Faecium to be exact. You can get both from animals and or plants.

After finishing all steps, you can go and approach the animal itself. Give it your bait and you’ll be able to ride it! It might be a procedure not suitable for most but it will be worth the while. If you’re more of an optical kind of player, here’s a video of the full guide.

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