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Bleak Faith: Forsaken – The Horror RPG We Never Knew We Needed

Great indie games do have humble starts and you might pass them by without seizing the opportunity. Bleak Faith: Forsaken is one of these games, an open-world horror RPG currently in development by Archangel Studios. We’ve had the luck to try out the 24-hour prototype of the game and it way more than we expected. Before we jump into that, let’s see what the game really is.

The Game

Bleak Faith: Forsaken is an open-world RPG that falls somewhere between dark fantasy and sci-fi. The developers really call it a merge of Berserk and Tsutomu Nihei, which is exactly what it feels like too. In terms of gameplay, Bleak Faith has a strong horror and survival element, with boss fights that resemble those of Dark Souls. If this game could have a smell it would be one of rusty metal and rot. That’s not even in a bad way, Bleak Faith has such a strong concept that you can smell it.

As the developers state on their Discord server, animations will be revamped using motion capture. This is a huge wave to follow as an indie developer and we’re excited to see how this holds up. In addition, Bleak Faith has strong story elements, with high-end cutscenes and a mind-bending feeling that we cannot fully understand at this state.

The Studio

Archangel Studios is actually a duo of two developers. This is huge for a video game of such magnitude. By the trailer, you can see that the developers have put love on their project, not leaving out any details that will bring the audience to their upcoming title. We had the chance to find the game directly from Kickstarter but the trailer is out and it’s getting more and more popular by the day.

Development of Bleak Faith started in January 2019, only a month after the two developers met. Their project is on Kickstarter right now and we do hope they’ll manage to hit their goal and release Bleak Faith on all consoles by the end of the year.


As we mentioned above, we tried the Bleak Faith: Forsaken prototype yesterday. Even though it’s only a small part of the actual game, it was indeed powerful. The level design is enough to turn from a claustrophobic prison to bridges in the sky to towers and so on. It might be rough around the essence but the essence is there. The truth is, we love its essence. We’ve seen triple a alphas release with more bugs release, so we’re in awe of the team’s effort to bring this game to the public.

Even with the small bugs and boss malfunctions, that half hour we spent in the world of Bleak Faith felt like a true experience. That’s what every video game should strive for. Eventually, gameplay will get polished and the team can be happy with the outcome. That’s when we can say that this can stand tall and compete with all the triple-A titles out there.

Find Bleak Faith: Forsaken on Kickstarter and Facebook. We send our best of luck to Archangel Studios and can’t wait to play their game when it finally releases.

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