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Batman Arkham Knight Sequel Concept Art Surfaces

Batman Arkham Knight Sequel

Batman Arkham Knight and its Arkham franchise predecessors might are not past but no Batman game will ever outlive them. After years of silence from the developers and publisher, it looks like a Batman Arkham Knight sequel lived a short life, at some point. According to a now-deleted 4Chan post, concept art from a canceled sequel is out and it’s stunning.

The alleged 4Chan post claims that the concept art for the Batman Arkham Knight sequel is proof that such a title was indeed in development by Warner Bros Montreal. While 4Chan posts come and go with rumors like that, this specific one is too realistic to be a hoax. Especially since the post is now deleted.

Batman Arkham Knight Sequel


According to the post, the Arkham Knight sequel would see Damian, the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul as the protagonist. Arkham city looks lost in the chaos, something that doesn’t exactly comes as a surprise with no Batman around. The rest of the characters and villains are everything we hoped for from a game of its caliber. In the pictures below, you’ll see Twoface, Poison Ivy, a new villain called Black Mask, Gorilla Grodd and, of course, Dick Grayson.

You can see the full gallery here.

Hopes for the future

To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Arkham Knight sequel will never become a reality. When it comes to video games, Warner Bros has a long history of cancelations and projects that never came through.

Truth is, Batman’s universe isn’t getting the spotlight it deserves in the video games industry. With Marvel having a steady rise with Insomniac’s Spider-Man, Marvel Alliance 3 and more, we’d love to see some counteraction from their main competition. Let’s hope that the DC Universe will get the attention it deserves and let its dark fan fiction rise.

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