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A Plague Tale: Innocence Launch Trailer is Out And It’s Chilling

Plague Tale: Innocence is only a few hours away from release and the anticipation couldn’t be higher. The industry holds high expectations for this specific title, since it includes bits of action, adventure all under the lovely umbrella of an intence story and a breathing world. To fully understand what to expect, the publisher Focus Home Interactive released its launch trailer which is way more than what we could ask.

Asobo Studio, the developer behind Plague Tale: Innocence did a great job creating a twisted world with nothing more than a reality setting. If you had the chance to catch a pre-release live stream of the game, you know that the trail doesn’t even do justice. We haven’t played the title yet, so we can’t give an expert’s opinion on its mechanics and overall gameplay. However, the graphics and characters do look great.

As the developers promise, hundreds of mice will be on screen each time, threatening the life of our protagonists. The player, as Amicia, will have to find creative ways to get her and her little brother through a world full of desease and corruption under the “influence” of the Black Death and the Inquisition. Looking at the trailer, you’ll find that its intense gameplay isn’t even its strongest feature. Its plot and character personalities look incredible.

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Asobo Studio isn’t a rookie when it comes to such releases. Previously, they created the Crew 2, ReCore and Fuel. Furthermore, they worked on video games for animation movies like Toy Story, Ratatouille and Up. With such titles in their inventory, we are surprised that they are behind such a twisted video game.

Plague Tale: Innocence is releasing on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 on May 14th. Gear yourself with tons of patience and lots of torches, cause the road will be tough.

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