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10 Best Upcoming Indie Games to Look Out For

Year by year, our gaming calendar gets filled with hundreds of upcoming titles. With the amount of triple A video games getting releases each quarter year, some amazing indie games don’t get the spotlight they deserve. Today, we’re going over our top 10 upcoming indie games, so you don’t have to scout the internet for your next favorite “addiction”.

Note that the following list isn’t ranked so hitting number 10 doesn’t mean that it’s any less great than the others. Without further ado, let’s begin:

The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire, the next game Hello Games, the creators of No Man’s Sky are working on is a piece of art. We might not know much about it but its first trailer speaks for itself. Much different from what we’ve expect from Hello Games, this one is a mixture of great aesthetics, music and an adventure vibe that we can’t seem to get enough of.

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Police Stories

HypeTrain Digital’s Police Stories reminds us a lot of Hotline Miami, except it is not it. Featuring the same artstyle, this game is much more true to its theme, having you strategize your moves instead of rush gun blazing into rooms. You’ll have to resque civilians, defuse bombs and more as the expert police officer you are!

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Telling Lies

Sam Barlow, the mastermind behind Her Story and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is bringing his best back with Telling Lies. Seeing live action video game titles getting released, we often missjudge them as low effort. In fact, the depth of games like Her Story and Telling Lies is huge and we can’t wait to see what twisted turns we’ll get to see in this one.

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As much as we’d want to hide it, we love us some shark action. Maneater is that one game we’ve been waiting for since last year’s E3 and now it is finally happening. Get control of a tiny shark and bring it through all kinds of crazy actions as you make it bigger and deadlier. Simple yet exciting.

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We’re particularly excited for Valfaris since it’s the most hardcore title we’ve seen getting announced this year. Cloaked as a classic Metroidvania, Valfaris is a rollercoaster of madness paying homage to Doom in some way. We’d love to hear that epic metal music getting added to the main game as well. That would be awesome!

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Spiritfarer is a breath of fresh air in a planet of violence and negative emotions. As I see it, it is a tale of happiness, love and letting go, since it follows a girl who owns a boat that takes creatures to their last home after they pass. Heartbreaking as it sounds, its concept is thrilling.

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Cris Tales

Cris Tales could easily be a full fledged triple A game, and that’s only by looking at its trailer. It’s not often that we see a game and instantly know that it will be great no matter what but this one is exactly like that. Mainly posing as an RPG title, we bet Cris Tales is way more than that.

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We can’t really understand the whole concept of Mosaic just by its trailer since it looks like it’s a deep narrative adventure game with some deep messages. That’s what we love about it. You don’t always need top notch gameplay or extra sharp graphics. Sometimes, a powerful and dark story with an impact on society is exactly what you need.

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Songs of Conquest

When I first saw this particular trailer at the PC Gaming Show during E3 2019, I was surprised. Mostly about its graphics. You don’t always expect pixel graphics games to be that detailed. Songs of Conquest has a 3D element in it that I can’t really shake off. I bet we all want to see how dark and difficult this game is.

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Conan Chop Chop

If one game from this list has the opportunity to become a trend and stay in the charts forever then it is this one. Played with 1-4 players as a classic action RPG, Conan Chop Chop has everything we want in all indie games, cute graphics, fast gameplay, co-op and tons of loot. We don’t need to say more, next time we’ll find you ingame.

Find out more here.

This was pretty much it for this list of upcoming indie games. If you found any games you liked, make sure to share this list with your friends and get those games the popularity they deserve. For more lists like this one, don’t go off the grid!


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